about the banner program

Started in 2001, Intown Manchester's street banner program is a civic beautification initiative that strives to engage students from the New Hampshire Institute of Art to submit six creative and visually appealing designs with themes from around Manchester. Every year new designs are selected for the banners and installed through out the Central Business District. The Intown Manchester Street banner brings one-of-a-kind artwork to our downtown streets. Celebrating the places, activities, and  experiences that make Manchester so beautiful and unique. Your sponsorship will help assure the success of keeping the central business district clean, graffiti free, and decorated all year round.

Benefits of the Banner Program:

  • Enhance ordinary street poles with beautiful, unique artwork!

  • Brighten and Invigorate Downtown Manchester!

  • Make a visual impact, creating a buzz around Downtown and central business district

  • Promote businesses!

  • Reach Hundreds of Citizens Daily!

  • Drive Traffic to Community Websites!

  • Intown Manchester Installs and Maintains All Banners!

  • Banners are up for one year and you can keep your banner after the year is up!

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